Home: Made a Mano

Danish company Made a Mano’s tiles are handmade from lavastone and terracotta. My favorite color is teal, so of course I love these! The patterns are gorgeous.

Found via style-files.

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Home: Cat Bowl by Geraldine de Beco

Aren’t these adorable? By Geraldine de Beco.

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Food: Healthier French Fries!

Quick, easy, and a lot less guilty than your average french fry. Some healther alternative for french fries..

Recipe for zucchini fries here!

Recipe for carrot fries here!

…and some delicious oven baked fries here!

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My Favorite: Just a few of my favorite things right now…

This gorgeous clutch. I heard that it’s going to be part of H&M’s new line? Can’t wait to get one!

Booties in a wide range of colors!

Simple, yet beautiful.

These wonderful bags… I love the color and the design. Sadly I don’t know where they’re from. 😦

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Song: Take a Bow by Greg Laswell

Greg Laswell’s songs are all so beautiful. This song makes me think of being on a small rowboat with a loved one while the sun’s about to go down. It was also featured in the movie ‘Friends with Benefits’. Listen to it here!

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Food: Blackberry Ice Cream

This looks so good! I don’t know which I want to do more, eat it or take photos of it. I love the unique colors! 🙂

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Home: Breakfast Nook

It is impossible to convey just how badly I want a breakfast nook. Don’t they look so cozy?

So homey… I want one right by a window!

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Clothing: Pleated Skirts

I love pleated skirts, especially in chiffon. They’re slimming and feminine, and come in such great oolors.

Urban Outfitters

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Hair: Ombre Hair

If I didn’t have black hair, I’d definitely try this gorgeous ombre. I love the subtle change in color! I also considered dip-dying my hair purple at the tips, but my mom would probably kill me.

Here’s a great tutorial video for dip-dying!

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My Favorite ~ Flower: Peonies

Peonies are my ultimate favorite flower. They’re so colorful and soft-looking. I’m pretty picky, though– I don’t like them when they’re too circular and bulb-like, and when they’re too messy and all over the place. I like them when they’re right in between: as if they were just in the process of blooming.

I’d love to have a decoration like this sitting around my house.

Gorgeous bouquet.

Love, love, love peonies. Boyfriend, take note!!

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