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Home: Made a Mano

Danish company Made a Mano’s tiles are handmade from lavastone and terracotta. My favorite color is teal, so of course I love these! The patterns are gorgeous.

Found via style-files.

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Food: Blackberry Ice Cream

This looks so good! I don’t know which I want to do more, eat it or take photos of it. I love the unique colors! 🙂

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Food: Lavender Desserts

Lavender is love. It’s rare to see them in food!

Lavender lemonade!

Lavender shortbread.

Lavender macaroons.
I’ve never actually eaten a macaroon, but I heard they’re amazing. I love all the colors they come in!


Color: Coral

It’s almost summer! I’ve recently been obsessed with summery colors like seafoam, light teal, and of course– coral. There are so many different shades– some more red and others orange. Coral looks great on almost anything– accessories, clothing, flowers, and even furniture.

Madewell cardigan.

A gorgeous living room designed by Massucco Warner Miller.

Jes Switaj clutch (I love the gold).

Coral bouquet!

Silk crepe dress from Erin Fetherson.


Food: Red Desserts

Here are some sweet treats I’d love to try sometime in beautiful shades of red!

Some sort of strawberry drink… whatever it is, it looks beautiful and refreshing.

Red Velvet Crepes… two of the greatest inventions in dessert mixed into one!
The recipe is here.

Chocolate Chips in Raspberries. So simple, yet so ingenious.